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Dream Yourself talks to dreamers, free spirits, the tenacious and rebels-at-heart! It talks to those who do not age, to those who fail and get back up again! It reaches out to those who share, believe and love. Dream Yourself is for people who strive for self-improvement, embrace change and yet protect and also those who respect Mother Nature! Dream Yourself is for people who live in the present while creating the future. Dream Yourself is that spark of a daydream that becomes reality!

Modernity, eco-sustainability, tradition, innovation, research and scrutiny – fundamental points with which our dream is evolving. Dream Yourself expresses a contemporary fashion concept, based on comfortable and unique shapes and contours, a mix of natural fibre, technique and handcrafted silk-screen personalisation. The result is a garment that is completely “Made in Italy” as well as being environmentally-friendly. The whole production process is carefully monitored from the very start until our garments are ready to be worn. We also express our profound gratitude to our workforce, our production chain based in Salento, Apulia in light of the fact that one of our main goals is to preserve our roots and links with our native country within the framework of our constant development in a multicultural world.

Dream Yourself comes from the energy of two brothers, Lorenzo and Emanuele Manta, who grew up in a family working in a production chain in Salento (Italy). Lorenzo and Emanuele, from an early age, started collecting ideas and notions that were essential to the interpretation of the inherent dynamics and characteristics of the world of fashion.

March 21, 2014, the Spring Equinox – dreamers' day– the two brothers inaugurated their project presenting their concept and values with the #dreamersparty event. In June of that same year, they participated in the Chermes Lecce Fashion Week, hosted by none other than Beppe Angiolini (international buyer and honorary president of the Italian Fashion Buyers Chamber). The brothers did not present a collection on the catwalk, but rather surprised everyone by invading the Roman Amphitheatre in Lecce with their 'Dreamers Army'. These hooded legionaries were all wearing a t-shirt bearing the slogan "I'M A DREAMER!. When these fashion soldiers reached the catwalk, they revealed themselves and showed the symbol on their right-hand wrists – the dreamers logo – a free mind and a rebellious spirit! This idea was highly appreciated by Beppe Angiolini, who then invited the Lorenzo and Emanuele to the next event in his honour at Robecco sul Naviglio, July 22, 2014. The Dream Dinner was in itself a memorable themed event as well as being the debut of Dreamers in the fashion world. From then on, the “dreamers' ” course has continued to shine! Numerous important icons of the fashion and entertainment industry have taken an interest in the project, one such personality being Luca Tommassini, choreographer and artistic director of international renown. Luca greatly appreciates Lorenzo and Emanuele's work, and for this reason he has decided to wear this young label himself and include it in his professional and social projects. Dream Yourself now participates in events such as the Pitti Uomo in Florence – Unconventional –, or Maze Festival in Torino, and in so doing has been steadily nurturing and expanding whilst at the same attracting the serious attention of the most important contemporary boutiques.

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